Sunday, 20 December 2009

OSO... 18 Dec... burp!

2nd time there, and i think the food got better.

Maybe the G4 should go back again soon.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

G11... my new toy

ever since my Sony point-&-shoot has gone kaput, i've been thinking of getting another point-&-shoot.

thing is, i can never convince myself to get just "another" cammie... coz frankly, P&S cammie sucks when it comes to indoor / low light situations.

but i still want a P&S, coz it's small (relatively speaking, of course, to my black box) and thus, less intimidating to kids and animals.

ditto the restaurant staff too, when i start snapping away food on the table.

so finally, i decided to get my hands on this - the Canon G11.

a P&S with full manual control. released in October, it is as close as one can get where P&S ultimate standard can achieve.

not as good as my 5-year old black box. but for now, it will have to do.

the H monster

over the last 7 / 8 months, there's this great H-bug that went around infecting people.

people who got it seem to get hypnotized by the H-god and willingly succumb part of their savings to get the H stuff.

bags lah, shawls lah... even boots.

so far, 3 of the G4 have already gone to the dark side.

i'm the last survivor... wonder how long can i survive. :P

godson... again

i always say that he is growing up nicely. which is great.

and getting more vocal these days... which is normal for a Pisces.


my dog died.

actually, she died some months ago... back in July.

i thought of writing something simple here.

but nothing seems to fit.

nothing seems right.

for now, maybe i should just say, that she is well loved by everyone who knew her, and she loved everyone she knew.

Monday, 29 June 2009

godson... updated

my godson is growing up nicely.

healthy and high EQ.

that's good 'nuff for me.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

A.L.L. . . . 2009

we went to A.L.L. yesterday. it must have been like, what, 4... 5 years since i was last there.

the place's still the same... though i think they really have limited space for new animals these days.

it's now more like a caring centre, for those animals who have been there for a while... or animals under medication. or those in their final days of their illnesses.

saline / medicated drip packets, dangling amongst rusty cages.

not a pretty sight.

but they are doing their best.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Saturday, 6 June 2009

gastritis.... and appendicitis (2)

has anyone tried walking up and down, in a hospital waiting room, in the middle of the night? 

it's freaky, i tell you. 

no aircon or fan (sorry sir, but the system shuts them down. see, we do not expect visitors in the middle of the night.)

ditto TV.

i swear they try to make the room as intolerable as possible just so that visitors will leave (or in some rare cases, such as this, to prevent visitors from camping over the night). 

and to be alone in there for almost 3 hours... with nothing more than Gardenia bread, a bottle of choc milk and newpaper... 

no one to talk to, no nurse to update you on the progress of the patient, no air...

let's hope none of us have to endure that. 


gastritis.... and appendicitis (1)

aida called me on tues afternoon, screaming in pain.

gastritis, she believed was the cause of such agony.

can you walk? 


can you sit up? 


ok, stay in bed. 30 minutes later, if still in pain, i'll get help.

sure enough, 30 minutes later, i activated the team.

team came. 

team diagnosed. 

team went, "oh oh... think it's appendicitis."

"what the F**K? how can? it's gastric, no?" aida screamed (or maybe screeched, i dunno... i was in a meeting somewhere up north)

"i believe it's appendicitis. let's get you to the hospital."

an hour later, it's confirmed via CT scan.

she was lucky, as it was diagnosed in time.

acute stage... but it was diagnosed in time nonetheless.

she was hospitalized. she got the op. and she's resting at home now. 


but what i really wanna say here, is that sometimes, little extra cautious efforts make a lot of difference. 

suppose we chose to get her a painkiller jab at the nearest GP instead of calling in help... 

supposed the GP didn't even bother to probe further, apart from the 'rather obvious' gastric issues... 

supposed i didn't bother to use the conference call (even when i'm in mist of attending a meeting) to coordinate the team activation, or that the team is less competent (although quite unlikely, considering the bill they charged me!)

suppose i let her chose NOT to go for the op, especially when some stupid junior doc apprentice actually had the cheek to say that, "sometimes, patients who do not get the inflamed appendices removed can heal by themselves."

(oh i so wanna kill that SOB.) 

sometimes, cost-benefit analysis makes no sense, when it comes to people we care about. 

in times like these, no effort is enough.

in times like these, no worries are plenty.

in times like these, it's nice to let the heart rules the head. 

Housecall - SGD270
initial painkillers and drugs - SGD210 
CT Scan - SGD880
early identification of problem, and getting it solved in time - priceless.